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Bescutter Versa

At Chinampas Design, we have access to a 58” x 36” CO2 laser cutting engraver.

Below lists the capability of cutting and engraving the following materials to depth:

Chart 1

As a Service


When we are working on a project, it’s important for us to give a realistic budget for our end product. We feel the same for our customer, so it’s important to have transparency on how we are quoting a job.

Ultimately it comes down to fairly compensating our designer (if they are used) and lab technician, covering the cost of materials, wear and tear on our machinery, and electricity use.

  • $20 an hour for our Lab Tech’s time
  • $65 an hour for our Designer’s time with a minimum of 1 hour (If we are providing the design)*
  • $1.50 a laser minute Base material cost (This is the industry standard, for electricity and wear and tear)
  • *We accept .DXF and .AI files for premade designs, all other image files will need to be handled by the Designer.

We use RDWorks to estimate the time it takes to do a project, we are happy to work with you to provide a free estimate, call (970) 316-2860 to schedule a consultation.

Goods for Sale

From Local to Global

We have an office and workshop in Durango Colorado! We are located at 3067 N Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301 next to Think Networks Technologies.

Look for out open 15’ bay door is open all summer, where we will sell projects that we have manufactured straight out the door! Check our social media to see what pop-up locations we are selling our goods at as well! We must take into account density of the print, cost of material by the gram, time that the machine has to run, type of material being used, design time, technician time, and upkeep costs for the machine. Since all of these variables can vary widely, it’s important that we have accurate information prior to providing our service, but we are happy to work through these details with you! Call (970) 316-2860 for a free estimate